We are a staffing and placement company specializing in foreigners, silver people, and housewives, mainly in the Kansai region.

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About Attendance

Finding a job by lifestyle

In attendance, we support a variety of work styles according to lifestyles and career visions.

Points for choosing an attendant

Find a way of working that works for you
There are many employment opportunities that are perfect for foreigners, housewives, and silvers. There are many registered companies, so we will help you find a workplace that suits you.

Convincing Employment Support
We will listen carefully to your desired work style and work with you to find a job that suits your work style. We will introduce jobs that suit your desired work style, such as jobs that welcome inexperienced people, jobs that allow you to make use of your qualifications, and office work only on weekdays!

Reliable support system even for the first time
Experienced staff will support you from registration ~ employment. Please feel free to contact us for anything.

You can smoothly become a full-time employee from a temporary staff.
There are many "introductory dispatch destinations" that allow you to experience the work content and workplace atmosphere during a certain period of time, and if you and the other party agree on it, you can join the company as a full-time employee.


If you are a first-timer, don't worry. Our staff will provide full support from registration to job introduction and after-sales support after work.
Staff Registration
It's easy on the web! Sign up for free. In order to introduce a job, you need to register with the attending staff.
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Registration process
Here is the flow from registration to employment.

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frequently asked questions
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to our attendants.

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Three ways of working

In Attendance, you can choose the work style that suits you from three work styles.

Free consultation with dedicated staff